Paul Sable – Tantric Light Sculptures

  • By Aric Shapiro
  • 3 June, 2015
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Reno Art Works Presents: Tantric Light Sculptures by Paul Sable.

Reno Art Works Presents:
Tantric Light Sculptures by Paul Sable.

The Light Sculpture is a fairly elaborate process. It begins with thick clear acrylic sheets.

These are cut and then cold laminated with a special colored solvent based adhesive under pressure. After
it cures, the blank pieces are then shaped on machine tools to the desired tapered hexagonal shapes,
similar to organic crystals. The intention is to create a meditative atmosphere to show what is possible in the
inner eye during meditation.

Paul Sable ­Snibbe has over forty years of experience creating large mobile structures for private and public
facilities such as hospitals, theaters, corporate buildings, schools, and city halls. He has an excellent
consulting and fabricating team. His approach to public art is based on playfulness, creativity, fun, great
colors, and technical subtlety.

He normally works with acrylic plastics—which are particularly well ­suited to
suspended work—however he also works with other materials such as metal, wood, and Varia, a fire ­rated
plastic. He aims for Tranquility, Balance, Sophistication, Fun, Playfulness, and strive to elicit smiles.

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