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Thanks to the wonderful Jessica Levity for hosting us on PSA Today for 100.1 the X and other Wilkes Broadcasting channels. Meredith Tanzer takes a new guest every month to chat with Jess. We had a blast! It was only 30 minutes so we had to keep it brief. There are tons of things happening. Take a listen here:!/2013/04/psa-today-with-reno-art-works-and.html



Take over spaces. Yes, you. Want help? We will help you. I mean seriously, like with hammers and nails and sheetrock. We will help you, with business plans and volunteer labor, with websites and PR, pictures, blogs, media contacts, whatever. Take over a space. We are not the only ones.

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Here is a story we had in the Reno News and Review when we first moved to Dickerson and the Los Angles RAW group first came to town Kris Vagner did her best to make that as confusing as possible. It’s a good story, explaining LA RAW, Reno Art Works (RAW), The Salvagery 1, The Salvagery 2, The Pier and the Temple of Transition (I think).


Here is an awesome article written by the talented Jessica Reeder on, titled “Breaking Down the Illusion of Competition”

Reeder got some great quotes out of me. Such as this one,

“Thank god,If the market hadn’t crumbled, we would have never gotten started.”

And this:

“It’s a benefit of the changing world. The failing system is crumbling, and we can pick up the pieces and build things that are actually sustainable instead of holding on to these ideas that don’t function.”

Read the full Article here:

The Story of Larry The Hunt and his August 2012 Installation in the Reno Art Works Gallery.


Reno artist, (who has moved to Las Vegas, we forgive you) Micheal Ogilvie was once so poor he realized he could either join the military or become a criminal, if he were a female he could become a prostitute. He made that idea into a book, Lust to Dust. It is a brilliant collaboration with many well known artists including R Crumb.

The art show associated with the book was Banned in Vegas, so Naturally we here at Reno Art Works hosted the work. After being asked by Brad Bynum and the Reno News and Review about 7 times, I finally understood what was going on. That story is here.


A great write up by the amazing Geralda Miller. This was the last show at the Hobson gallery that we, the Salvagery crew, created from a run down motorcycle shop. “Street Art”


Here is the most inaccurate article ever written about us. It did get us on the front page of the RGJ and piss off a bunch of people. Yay! (Should I say stuff like that?) You can Pay the RGJ to read it by clicking here. Sorry.

This is about the time we painted the Keystone Bridge with a bunch of kids from Pan’s Intensive Arts Supervision program, in association with Sierra Arts, Be The Change Project and GeoHydros. Pan Pantoja design.

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Pan Fnger Paints Keystone Crew