Bob O’Neill

Bob O’Neill

Stone Sculptor

I have always been attracted to rocks, whether throwing them, climbing on them, collecting them, or skipping one across the water. Although I am still prone to continue my childhood experiences with rocks, I’ve discovered that the rocks’ interiors can be a mystical journey of discovery. Each stone possesses a unique spirit that mirrors its individual creation. While working with a chunk of 300 million-year-old marble, I imagine the incredible changes the stone has witnessed throughout its history. The stone resists each stroke of my hand, reluctantly revealing its mysteries, and finally, allowing its inner beauty, and flaws, to surface. I try to leave some of the original surface of the rock, an important part of its previous identity, exposed to contrast with the highly finished patina.


Bob O'Neill 1 Bob O'Neill 2 Bob O'Neill3 Bob O'Neill4

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