Lisa Callahan South


Lisa Callahan South was born in Massachusetts during the year of the “Summer of Love”, moving with her family to Reno, Nevada during childhood. As a young adult she briefly traveled the United States, yet the call of Nevada’s mountain scenery and gorgeous skies quickly brought her back.

Though lacking in formal art instruction, Lisa’s love of coloring and drawing as a child continued into adulthood. Though trained and employed as a cosmetologist, the Internet boom brought new creative opportunities that would change her life. She met her husband online and together they founded a successful website design and hosting business in 1996. With a brief return to school and much more hands-on experience, she quickly became immersed in the world of digital art and graphic design.

By the turn of the millennium, Lisa became active with several online communities of artists, eventually forming her own “Bad Baby” art group. Through interaction and collaboration, her artistic techniques grew beyond the digital into the realm of more traditional mediums and techniques. It was during this period of growth and exploration Lisa embraced collage and abstract art, the styles she is most passionate about and known for.

Lisa’s choices of subject matter and media vary widely, ranging from whimsical faces to abstracts and statement pieces. Her mixed-media collages and other pieces employ a mix of digital art, physical objects, charcoal, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils and inks, with one constant throughout: her talent for building visual textures and the bold use of color.