Meredith Tanzer


For Meredith Tanzer, art begins with the long time habit of collecting little objects and treasures while being attracted to textures and the abstract qualities of the world around us. Creating something magical from dusty torn photos, advertising, ephemera, and German Glass Glitter are what it’s all about. There are many liberties to take with color, found-objects and materials that transform into mixed media collages and assemblages. Any kind of supply that suits her fancy, even if unconventional can find its way into her work.

Cupcakes represent goodness and a time in life when things were less than hectic and based around innocence and love. It’s important that we not lose our feelings of nostalgia, wanting to play, and having respect for ourselves and others.

Meredith Tanzer is a resident artist at Reno Art Works. She teaches workshops in collage, painting, and runs a free art program for the community in her studio. She also directed La Bussola Arts Boutique and Center Gallery for many years in Reno, NV. She is proud to have produced The Artist Coloring Book and Artsy & Fartsy’s Colorful Journey.  She loves to work collaboratively with clients wanting something special.
Meredith Tanzer is fascinated by objects with auras of history and stories to tell. She lives with her fiancée YeVonne; Strawberry the dog and Snickers the cat. She enjoys working in the Arts and LGBTQ Community. Working with young people has always been a passion and bringing them a connection to the arts is one of her most proud accomplishments.

INSTAGRAM: @cupcakesandart

Works have been exhibited at:

Solo Shows: San Diego LGBT Visitors Center, Studio 437, The San Francisco Main Library (SF)

Group Shows: Chatterbox Gallery (SF), The Goodman 2 Gallery (SF)

Solo Shows: Nada Dada, Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company, A Salon 7, Reno Main Library, Back of the House Bakery, The Sienna Hotel Spa Casino, Tree House Lounge, La Bussola & Center Gallery, Deuce Gallery, and Heart Spot Gallery.

Group Shows: The Jungle, Nevada Artists Association (Carson City), Nevada State Fair, Sierra Arts, 1995 Gallery, A Salon 7, La Bussola & Center Gallery, The Heart Ball, Community Gratitude Project, Heart Ball, Masks of Cancer.