PK Infinity


Hailing from New Jersey and now residing in Northern Nevada emerging artist

PKinfinity loves to surround herself and her art with beautiful nature. Growing up on the shores

of New Jersey PK has a special affinity for aquatic life and birds. As a child PK always had a

dream to live in the desert and when opportunity arose she took it. Now she resides in Reno,

Nevada as an aspiring artist.

Being a self-taught artist PK uses non-traditional methods to bring her vision to life.

Mixed mediums, copper, semi-precious stones, and paper mache are what she uses in her art.

Paper mache holds a special place in her art, it allows her to keep her art almost completely

handmade. “If I make a painting or a sculpture and I make it from the mache I have made then I

am able to ensure you see exactly what I want you to see. If I shape the canvas I know I am

sharing the full experience of myself not changing my vision to fit onto a canvas shape I didn’t

envision it on.”

PK draws inspiration from almost anything. She can see ribbons in a cloud that translates

to a tree with ribbon like branches. Some profound influences in PK’s art are mummies, science

fiction monsters, and the transformative power of ancient masks. The whimsy and fantasy found

in PK’s art shows that she has a strong sense of self and confidence to show her unique vision in

her own way. When you look at PK’s work her goal is for you to share in that confidence and

have it inspire you in your life.