Robin Ruybalid



Born in Southern California but raised in Reno, Nevada, Robin Ruybalid (aka

GladysMagnolia ART) is an artist that wanders the world in a costume disguised as a

serious professional in the social services field. Robin studied Art and Criminal Justice

in her college years, makes her living outside of the art world, but always yearns for the

day when she can devote days on end to creating. She spends most of the day

dreaming about Art Supplies and new mediums. When asked, “what kind of art do you

do?” She would have to reply, “Everything.” Some of the frequent styles you see would

be printmaking, thread and textile arts, and photography. More recently, she has

become obsessed with Dias De Los Muertos and Sugar skulls, which is leading to three

dimensional works done in sugar.

Robin joined Reno Art Works in December of 2013.


Robin Ruybason - Blue Jeans JamRobin Sugar Skulls