Sa Misiura


Canadian born but raised in America, by German and Polish immigrants.  SA Misiura spent the majority of her childhood in California Mojave Desert surrounded by ghost towns and delusions of prosperity.  She escaped by furthering her education in northern redwoods of Humboldt County, California, where she studied Fine Art, photography, physical theatre, and Design.  

In between all of that, she ran away with circus, toured as a road dog with sideshow troupe and propane flame effects company and collaboratively organised renegade art shows.  She now resides in Reno, Nevada where her heart ironically finds comfort in the place she thought she was running away from, the desert.

Her art is culmination of her unique life experiences and collection of caged inner demons.
Painting becomes a subjective ectoplasm released into the world to be observed.

Sa BirdsElephant and Deer Sa Lady Painting