Texas Martin


Since the dawn of time, humanity has endeavored to put their mark upon the earth, even as the forces of nature whittle away at its traces. We have struggled for permanence and concreteness; our fragile destiny flickers a bright moment, only to be broken down from that handhold and scattered to the wind. Time and change inevitably takes us all on its journey. Even so, how bright are those moments that we cling to. We live for those moments, holding them up in their glory. The Earth is peppered with the remnants of humanities moments of realization that still shine, despite times way with them. In those moments, time has no meaning despite the inevitable; within those moments, we are immortal.

This juxtaposition of humanities bright moments in the struggles of significance and realization in this ironic deal with time and nature have long been a source of fascination for me. I often enjoy portraying the various characters of my art surrealistically against the backdrop of the majesty and fury of nature and time. In these works I often seek out a moment to show humanity bright or broken, humble or great. These moments have been expressed through pop cultural metaphors for creativity, exploration, courage, reflection and compassion as well as ignorance, greed and wrath. I also have utilized the narrative, borrowing an old tale to paint the human condition further. We are only passing through. Share your moments with those that come behind you for in them are the threads of transcendence.



Cuesta Community College: San Luis Obispo, California: Associate of Arts Degree, 1997.

California Polytechnic State University: 1999-2000.

California State University, Monterey Bay. Seaside, California. Bachelor of Arts: Visual and Public Art, 2002.

Personal Instruction of Printmaking: Barry Ebner. Los Osos, California 1995-6.

Employment Experience:

One Voice Murals Project, Monterey County, California 2001.

Monterey High School Art Academy, Monterey, California 2002.

One Voice Mural Project, 2002.


Reno Art Works, Reno, Nevada. Current resident artist

Solo Shows:

Piecing it Together”: Art of Sandwich Delicatessen, San Luis Obispo, California 1995.

Relics”: Caffe Brio, San Luis Obispo, 1995.

Millennia”: Nectar of the Bean, San Luis Obispo, 1995.

The Novel Experience, San Luis Obispo, 1995.

The Coffee Merchant, San Luis Obispo, 1996.

Rudolf’s, San Luis Obispo, 1996.

Friends and Strangers”: Linnaea’s Café, San Luis Obispo, 1998.

The Bagel Caffe. San Luis Obispo, 1998.

Horizon Line”: Linnaea’s Café, San Luis Obispo, 1998.

Those Who May Not Lie Quietly”: California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA 2002.

Site Specific Installations:

Four Truths of Transformation: the Butterfly Project.” Burning Man Arts Festival, Black Rock desert, Nevada August, 2011. Global participatory installation; September 21, 2011.

American Epiphany.” Burning Man Arts Festival, Black Rock desert, Nevada. August 2008.

Juried Group Shows:

Congressional District Art Competition Exhibit: Washington, DC; 1989-90.

Public Hanging”: Arternatives, San Luis Obispo, 1992.

Morro Bay Art Association Scholarship Exhibition, 1994.

Cuesta College Student Exhibition, 1996.

Famous Faces”: Johnson Gallery, San Luis Obispo, 1997.

Cuesta College Student Exhibition.” 1997.

Music Makers.” Johnson Gallery, San Luis Obispo; July 1997.

Invitational Shows:

Glib and Oily” San Luis Obispo Art Center, 1996.

Bailando con La Muerte.”. Hartnell College, Salinas, CA. 2002

Fox Theatre Invitational Exhibit. Salinas, CA 2003.

Bailando con La Muerte.”. Hartnell College, Salinas, CA. 2003.

Award and Honors:

Congressional District Art Competition, First Place, 1989.

California Grand Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, 1st Award: Painting. 1990.

Morro Bay Art Association Scholarship, Second place, 1994.

Cuesta College Student Show, “Best of Drawing,” 1997.


Dr. Hillel Jania, Pismo Beach, California.

Frank Darnay, Fresno, California.

Joshua Guazda, Atascadero, California.

Patricia Triumpho Sullivan, Salinas, California