Victoria Velazquez


As a child I was pulled towards art in many forms. Particularly patterns and shapes. I

loved color and would play with crayons and coloring books. I was drawn to a blank piece of

paper like a moth a flame. Early on I discovered that when I drew repetitive patterns I could lose

myself for hours at a time and find a kind of peace in creating complex geometric drawings.

I have been fortunate enough to have a parent who fostered my creativity and would

encourage my endeavors. Between then and now I have taken the journey into many types of art

forms and mediums. I have found joy in a variety of creative pursuits and success. Through all

the artistic paths I have ventured into I have found myself continually pulled back to finding

myself though pattern and color. Creating geometric patterns with shape and color is cathartic.

It gives me emotional release that no other art form comes close too. Every shape expresses a

story of my past, present and future in a way that cannot. (Below you will find a short list of

what some colors and shapes represent in my work.)


I am of Puerto Rican decent and originally from the Bronx. I retired from the United

States Navy. After leaving the service I worked on getting a degree in Math and am now a

Mathematics teacher at Rainshadow Community Charter High School.


Triangle: Direction, reaching, connection, balance

Circle: Water, tears, completeness, wholeness, circuit, traveling, journey

Red: Bravery, courage, blood, rage, life, force, strength, power, birth, love

Pink: Friendship, middle, soft

Blue: Cleanliness, water, peace, sky, breath, unity

Green: Hope, growth, renewing, pact, Spring

Yellow: Sun, light, Summer, smiles, togetherness

Orange: Fire, heat, sex, Fall

Purple: Passion, royalty, sexuality, sacred, religion, ascension

Black: Wholeness: distinction, mixing

White: Purity, emptiness, blankness, beginning, heaven, clouds

Grey: Void, middle, shadow, darkness


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