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May Showcase: Clutter 4.0


Reno Art Work’s May Gallery Exhibition, Clutter 4.0, features the local illustrative artist Gilbert Leiker.

This solo exhibit features 30+ ink drawings and paintings from a working collection of over 9 years.

Be warned…. Gilbert’s obsessively detailed illustrative style will entrance you for hours on end. With this show a unique short story accompanies each piece and his influences from dreams, comics, space, and cats weave continuously throughout the entire collection.

As a final full impact punch, Clutter 4.0 also features a specially composed soundtrack and a running projected animation.

Here is a youtube clip from the featured animation:

Exhibition dates: May 12 – June 1st.


Check out the Gallery and meet the RAW Artists this Open Studios Saturday, noon – 5pm.

Follow us on facebook to keep up-to-date with Open Gallery Hours.

Also open by appointment. 775.391.0278


April Showcase: Yesterdays News.

This coming month Reno Art Works is excited to exhibit the works of a new artist to town, Jennifer Charboneau.  The Minneapolis native will transform the 1995 Gallery with expressive drawings, large scale paintings, writings, and installations.

“Yesterdays News” is the newest collection of J.Charboneau works which explores the artist’s filtered chaos theory while highlighting inspiration from the following influences: Television. Radio. News. album covers. Quotes. Movie stills. Dreams. Random thoughts. Caffeine. People watching. And time.
The show will weave you through chaos and leave you satisfied with a familiarity to the artwork.

An incomplete, in-process painting will be one of J.Charboneau’s featured installations. She will work live within the gallery throughout the month to complete the ~3 foot by 8 foot canvas.

yesterdays news

The opening reception is Thursday April 14th 6-9 pm.   (featuring an artist talk and music by local dj & soul man, T. Lee Walker.)

The show will be open to the public on open gallery days until May 1st. 



Check our Calendar for other events and workshops coming this April.

check out the workshops we offer at the studios
Check out the upcoming workshops we offer at the studios.
RAW is a partner in this upcoming block party. Invite your friends!
RAW is a partner in this upcoming block party. Invite your friends!
We are presenting 10+ artists and organizing interactive art projects with Reno Earth Day.
We are presenting 10+ artists and organizing interactive art projects with Reno Earth Day.
Sculpture Fest is fast approaching. Stay updated on our biggest art festival of the year!
Sculpture Fest is fast approaching. Stay updated on our biggest art festival of the year!

Fresh AIR

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It’s our 4th Anniversary on Dickerson Road!!!! Join us for a RAW extravaganza, live music, live art, spoken word and raffle prizes.

The opening reception and 4 year anniversary event will be March 10th from 6 to 9 pm at 1995 and 2035 Dickerson. That’s right we now have 2 RAW locations on Dickerson Road.

To celebrate we have created an exhibit with all of our artists working on collaboartive pieces.

A show dedicated to showcasing the multidisciplinary collective environment within the 2016 RAW AIR (artist in residence). The works represent collaborations highlighting conscious and unconscious links between the artists in such ways as; medium use, subject matter, artistic ideas, and intentional curation.

RAW is an environment of artists working toward the same goal, to create and share their process with each other and the Reno community.

Facebook Event Link

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” —Ryunosuke Satoro

Dx3 in This is Reno

Dx3 BJWe made the Weekly Art Fix on ThisIsReno.com 

The reception for Deep Dark Delicious was a great time, thanks to all who shared the experience!

There is a nice write up and a killer photo set here.
Big thanks to Dana PhotoZen Nollsch for swinging by, check out his page here.



This Heart of Mine – a solo show by Dillon Brown


Dillon Brown's RAW show


“In his first solo exhibition, local artist Dillon Brown has created This Heart of Mine with a variety of mediums and materials to encapsulate his journey thus-far through the realm of love. Romantic, familial, and self love are some of the themes revealed using a multi-faceted approach to explore the ways in which they intersect, divide and unite; not only for the artist himself, but humanity as a whole. The images and phrases throughout the show will invite the viewer to identify with, and share in the universal joys, pleasures, traumas, and triumphs of the most unique piece of the human experience. The grounding force of the exhibit is three sculptures the artist created specifically for This Heart of Mine. Using the iconic symbol of the stylized heart shape—whose connotation is vapid due to its commercialization—Brown is able to imbue meaning and deeply personal subject matter. He turns our notion of the heart as kitsch on its head, even while using not only the “heart shape” but materials often found in the Valentine’s Day isle at the supermarket. By including family heirlooms, gifts, clothing, photos and journal entries into the pieces, he creates a contrast between the flamboyant, yet fun, plasticity of the “heart shape” and the emotion that truly lies within. Brown shares with us a tangible representation of how his own heart’s course has created the framework for his perspective on life and future relationships.

Local artist Dillon Brown is exactly that to his very core. His deep connection to place and the natural world informs his work and is often a tangible part of it. With various courses taken in graphic design, ceramics and art history, he is mostly self-trained and self-disciplined in his passion to create meaningful, personal and conceptual works. Driven by bravery and love of process, he has explored a variety of mediums and materials. From ceramics, painting, sculpture, and found-art collage, to digital media, Brown remains consistently open to the new and the old. As a 6th generation Nevadan and native Renoite, Brown incorporates his family history, natural artifacts (both heirloom and found), with modern materials to tell stories that are current yet collective—and always intimate. Much of Brown’s inspiration comes from his late grandfather Charlie who could build anything—was a rock-hound and amateur archeologist. He explored and collected—his most incredible find of ancient Native American baskets in a Nevada desert cave (which bears his name) are on display at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City. This Heart of Mine is Dillon Brown’s first solo exhibition. His work has been exhibited in group shows in and around Reno at the Lyon County court house (where his artwork was selected from 35 artists as the title piece), Studio on 4th, the former Club Underground, and the First United Methodist Church. Dillon Brown lives and works in Reno, Nevada. He is an Optician by day, a dreamer by night, and an artist always.”

Bio by Dena Sweigart