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All Things End

Kelly Ogilvie’s Well Red installation came down today.

She removed it from the gallery and quite generously put part of it up in the studio.

“Jedi” Dan Johnson (Our only hope) of Bridgewire was the only man in the known universe who could stand on that ladder and staple that ceiling. Hat’s off to that computer genius, electrical expert, kind tall person that he is.



Kelly has 7 new opportunities to install her work as a result of her Well Red installation. I’m not going to list them all, you will see what happens.

These magical, wave like beauties will now grace us with their presence on a semi-permanent basis.

Oh yes they fly



They Fly

Well Red: An Interactive Fiber Art Mystery – Recap

Like the eye of a hurricane, many forces coalesced in Kelly Ogilvie’s universe to make this install and event happen. She had arduino controlled Morse code, Hieroglyphs, scents, binary, DNA, coded sheet music, invisible ink, red wavelengths, yarn and some other fabrics, combined with a visual representation of a coded story (that you could just read if you couldn’t decipher part of a genome), AND performances by The Deadly Gallows and the ever talented Xtevion.  What a fantastic event!


Solution manuals

Solution Manuals and Decoder glasses.  (Photo Credit Eric Santti)


She got them to actually read, from a book.


The smells are part of a code, a cipher if you will.

This tree thing

A picture can do this no justice.

Where she died

I believe this is where she dies.

Yarn on the floor

It is a trail of some sort.

Deadly Deadly 2

Oh yes, we share art of many forms. Music for example.  The Deadly Gallows perform. Aric Filming Well Red

Yes I made a video.  These pictures were taken on Kelly Ogilvie’s camera, this one was taken by Eric Santti, I imagine all of them were.

Here is the aforementioned video:

April Events

 A very exciting show coming up from Las Vegas!

This group has support from the National Endowment of The Arts and The Nevada Arts Council.

They have not performed in Reno yet. Let’s Show them how we do it!


TravelingMiracleFlyer 2


The ever talented and amazing master of code, Kelly Ogilvie has the Reno Art Works Gallery for April.

Her closing reception is April 25th and is not to be missed.